Expect the unexpected

Companies above a certain size will have to undergo an audit by law. Unfortunately, the whole process is disruptive and stressful when you already have a thousand other things to deal with.

P B Syddall works with a wide range of businesses across a number of industries, so when it comes to audits we can tailor our approach to suit you. It doesn’t matter what your operating model is, your business structure or the service you provide, we can handle it.

Even if you work in a sector with special audit requirements, such as a charity, we can work for you too. 

To minimise the impact of an audit on your business, we’ll work behind the scenes and collect all of the information we’ll need for the auditing process. Our teams are trained to work discreetly, so you don’t feel as if they’re getting in the way of your day to day.

As well as making sure your business is compliant, we’ll also look into any problems you’re currently facing and assess for new issues helping you navigate around them. This will help you and your business grow and become even stronger than it already is.

Opening your eyes to a better future

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