Forensic accounting

Doing detective work

One of the worst feelings is not knowing what’s going on with your finances. Maybe something doesn’t quite add up? Or maybe you’ve found yourself in the middle of a dispute?

Having a forensic accountant by your side during these tough situations can be a relief, sometimes even a crutch to lean on. Our team can do just that.

If you find yourself on the end of a tax enquiry, all you need to do is get in touch. We’ll help comb over your paperwork and outgoings/incomings and help you figure it all out.

Maybe you need to make an insurance or personal injury claim? Well, our team is well-versed in such matters.

We can do the detective work if need be. Working closely with your lawyer, we can interpret the facts in a professional manner.

Should it come down to your case going to litigation, we can provide the documents and information you need to support your case and produce valuations in support of your claim.

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