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Keeping on top of all your necessary paperwork is a cumbersome task when you’re self-employed, especially as a business owner or higher earner.

If you don’t pay enough you run the risk of having HMRC coming down on you, but if you pay too much, you’re out of pocket. Getting it just right takes more than just a calculator.

We can take this weight off your shoulders. By handing over your self-assessment obligations to us, you can guarantee we’ll fill everything out accurately with plenty of time to spare. You’ll never need to worry about late filing penalties ever again.

When you’re bogged down in the paperwork, you may not even consider the various allowances and reliefs you’re entitled to. With the proper planning, you can become more tax-efficient and even claim back some of your hard earned cash.

If you’re a director you need to think about reporting salary, dividends and pension contributions. Sole traders will need to report allowable business expenses and claim them back to keep tax bills down.

Whatever your needs, the team at P B Syddall can help. We know all of the legislation, and we’ll deal with HMRC on your behalf.

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