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Save for the golden years

After years of hard work, you deserve to have a comfortable and relaxing lifestyle – you’ve earned it. Unfortunately, this takes more than a little bit of planning. 

You don’t want to be hit by unexpected tax liabilities later in life, so planning ahead is a must.

By talking to the team at P B Syddall about your finances and goals, you can get a clear picture of the money you’ll have for retirement. This will cover everything in case of illness and care in later years, while minimising the impact of inheritance tax once you’re gone.

It’s a common occurrence – people get to retirement age and find they haven’t saved enough to comfortably stop working. With the rising costs of living, a state and workplace pension isn’t enough.

Saving on the side while you’re still at working age will be a necessity, the last thing you want is to limit your desired lifestyle due to poor planning.

When you can, you should be putting things in place for succession planning. Even insurance is a good way to make sure you and your loved ones have something to fall back on in future.

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