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The backbone of most towns and cities is their high street. Retail pumps millions of pounds into the economy each year as well as providing jobs to a large percentage of the population.

Our retail accounting specialists work with both physical and digital retail businesses, providing support and advice.

Shop owners can benefit from our vast knowledge of value added tax (VAT). This will start with registration and will carry through to the necessary returns and VAT schemes available for retail. 

We also do the back end tasks, such as bookkeeping and payroll as well as stock management advice to keep you profitable.

When you’re finding yourself in the quiet season, we’ll advise on cashflow management as well as long-term growth. 

Maybe you want to expand your business? Well we’re experts in acquisitions, so we can help with that too. Our support can help you find investors and lenders to help with your growth.

For an ecommerce business, we offer support on importing and exporting of goods. Especially post-Brexit EU VAT regulations. So you can have an overview of your business as a whole, we’ll integrate sales reports from Amazon or other platforms.

P B Sydall is there for all of your business needs. Get in touch.

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