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Keeping up with all of the changes happening to the construction industry is a job within itself. You’ll know the importance of staying competitive in the market, so having strategic advice will only serve as a benefit.

Years of experience working with the construction industry has given us the ability to roll with these changes and stay ahead of the curve, in turn allowing our clients to do the same.

We can help put your performance under the scope to see where improvements could be made or refined. Our work will cover all aspects of your business – our work isn’t just limited to sourcing funding or cashflow management, we do it all.

Your payroll is crucial to your business, especially if you want to keep your subcontractors happy. This is where the construction industry scheme (CIS) comes into play. The scheme puts the responsibility on you as a contractor to make the necessary deductions in pay on behalf of HMRC.

It doesn’t end there, as IR35 rules need to be followed as well. Knowing whether you’re working inside or outside the confines of the rules can save you a lot of money and grief from the Government.

Don’t bury your head in the sand, get in touch with P B Syddall & Co today and find out how we can help.

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