Company secretarial

We’ll do the legwork

Being bogged down by mountains of paperwork probably isn’t what you wanted when you started your company. Having to register with Companies House, prepare all of your returns and keeping on top of your financial records is no small task.

Previously, companies were required to designate a secretary to do all of this work, but now it technically isn’t needed. This means directors are struggling to keep on top of everything.

Well, we can take this on for your company. Outsourcing your company secretarial to us will mean it is our job to make sure all of your paperwork is up to date. We’ll also make sure your returns are filed correctly and promptly with Companies House.

One of our greatest skills is following deadlines and making sure there is still time to spare to get on with the other things your business needs.

You can expect us to maintain your company’s statutory books, keep minutes of your important meetings and arrange those meetings with shareholders and directors to fit your schedule.

It isn’t just the menial paperwork we’ll take over – we’ll also keep on top of any changes in compliance and inform you of anything which may affect you and your company.

Save yourself the time and stress, and get in touch with us today.

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